how to became Digital marketing expert in 2019

Becoming a Digital Marketing expert is not so tough task. Before proceeding ahead, we would just ask you all a question. How to become a digital marketing expert? do u know? don’t worry, we will tell you the right way to become a digital marketing expert.

What is Digital Marketing?

We know you must be surprised why I am asking this stupid question. Obviously this is a stupid question, but generally, we all are not aware of what exactly digital marketing means and why it is in so trending that it became the most important in the IT industry.

Digital marketing is marketing your brand using digital means of communication like the internet, mobiles, social media accounts, etc.

Previously unlike traditional marketing, we were using pamphlets, newspapers, Posters etc mediums to fame our brands. However these days we are using Digital channels to promote our brands and to communicate with our target audience. This is what Digital marketing is.

Now the questions arise what we do as a Digital Marketer?

We actually play with websites and their numbers. Surprised, right. Yes, this is truly a Digital Marketer only play with websites and their ranking on a specific search engine. Each day we check google analytics, webmaster tool to check what’s the position of their website on google a day before. Who read our blogs/articles, who visited our website, who took time to check our website etc. Do our presence on social media is okay or not and make sure that everything is scheduled for today. Being a Digital Marketer is not so tough task and not so easy task. We will discuss what keeps Digital Marketer busy the whole day in our next activity.


Here we start with the main topic of our blog, How to Become a Digital Marketer?

To become a digital marketer we should follow the below steps:


  • How to Become a Digital Marketer?

Being a Digital Marketer or to become Digital Marketer, we should know how to deal with our clients and how to start every new project. We should have separate checklists to explain the client’s what we are going to do for his project.

In the end, we should deliver our clients with company profits, likes, comments, followers etc.


  • How to Increase clients online presence and increase their site audit?

If you have a client who doesn’t have a website then, then suggest them a potential name, for that, you can visit Digital Digital Marketing Institute in Udaipur and may get it at some discounted rates.

If your client already has a website then first their presence across all social media platforms. After checking its online presence now check revise the website to check who they are, what they do, their call to action button, their social media buttons and above all is check, whether the website is responsive or not.

  • Do Keyword Research

Be careful about doing keyword research. Choose the one which will help the website to the online presence of the website on the search engine. Keyword research is important to improve the organic search of any website on search engines.

Choose the keyword which are brand specific and for which target audience make searches. For keyword research, you can choose Keyword planner to look for what specific websites are using and Google trends to look for keywords location wise. Quora is another way to check what is in trend.


  • Become a Master in Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the best tool used in digital marketing. It is used to check the real-time view of any website. At first, it looks like the world of numbers, and that’s what we have to learn to become a Digital Marketer.


  • Become a Master in Content Optimization

The topic of any content depends on our client requirement but more importantly on the targeted audience. Content for any website has to be posted regularly and it should be related to the target audience.

Here you can find Digital Marketing Course in Udaipur. Let’s take this as an example, in this course some topics are for learners and some topics are for trainers and some are for experts. So the best way is to categorize your course based on a specific group of people.


Make sure content which we are preparing for a particular website must include target keywords, Title tag, H1 Tag, Internal and external links, Clear message and story with some conclusion.


  • Exploring Social Media Platforms

Some clients focus on website ranking and some focus on their social media presence. When you have a client whose main focus is on social media presence then make sure to follow these steps:

  • On which social media they are present?
  • How many followers they have on each social media?
  • Their post engagement
  • What’s their competitor do?


  • Expertise in Pay Per Click Advertisement


If your client main focus in on pay per click, then check how they choose the target audience. For this you may choose Google Adwords, it gives detailed information before creating any advertisement.


As of now, we all know, that digital marketing is a broad subject which gives a unique opportunity to learn a topic that you can specialize in. You can choose to have a successful career in Digital Marketing. If you love statistics, then you can be an expert in Google Analytics.