Dear MBA Students

Digital Marketing is a fantastic career nowadays. As the world is switching towards digitization, it is very important to be aware about the Digital Marketing for Management students. Compared to other functions of a business, marketing and sales jobs pay 13%-45% higher. And, the growth of digital marketing makes the marketing talents get open in the market and gain an edge over the fellow sales professionals.

MBA professionals having Digital Marketing skills are in demand nowadays. But in regular curriculum and syllabus, it is not possible to include Digital Marketing because for the teaching and training, it requires industry experts. So to bridge this gap, DigitalTuition conducts Digital Marketing Workshop at Various MBA College.
The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham) reported that 93% of MBA graduates are unemployed in India.(IIMs are not included in survey)

Digital Marketing is a productive career especially for MBA Students because

  • It is easy to Learn & its equivalent to an MBA
    Digital Marketing Course is a 100% non-technical, MBA professionals can learn it easily. What needs to seek Digital Marketing is; a person must have a profound knowledge on the internet.
    Digital Marketing training for MBA graduates gives precise and accurate information on products and services with the help of updated marketing and content marketing strategies.
  •   Adds weight to your resume
    Digital marketing world, yet, offers a lot of chances for you MBA Students to kick-start profession before they get into a job.
    Even, if your primary job is not Digital Marketing, and having knowledge and skills in Digital Marketing tactics, techniques, and technologies; companies are ready to recruit them.
  •  Demand and Supply Gap
    Demand for digital marketing expert is high but the number of skilled Digital Marketer is in demand and to bridge this gap this is the correct time to become Digital Marketing Expert and  get this opportunity to become part of fastest growing industry in India.
  •  Growth Rate
    Digital marketing will open 1.5 lakh jobs by 2020. The starting package for digital marketing specialists is Rs. 4.5-5.5 lakh.
  •  Stand ahead in the Competition
    A digital marketing specialist will go ahead in the competition of recruitment with smallest company budget one can execute best of ROI to the business
  • Getting a certificate in Digital Marketing Training confirms action and drive

Overall We can Say

  • It is very easy to learn, as it is 100% non technical course.

  • Students can build their own website as their online resumewithout writing a piece of code.

  • Digital Marketing is the future of marketing

  • Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube have now become powerful platforms to promote businesses and brands.

  • MBA gives you the understanding of business, and Digital Marketing teaches how to reach your prospective.

  • With knowledge of Digital Marketing, professionals can combine their strategies to increase sales.

  • Having knowledge of Digital Marketing along with your MBA, your resume carries the weight over other candidates.

  • Today, companies requireall in one expert who can help them grow in 360 degree.

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